Popular sports betting in Cameroon

People have always been betting. That is clear. However, which are the most popular sports that they bet on? Is it the football? Is it the rugby? Which is the champion? In this guide, we’re going to analyse the most popular sport on which bettors from Cameroon bet on, by also analysing the best practices when it comes to online sports betting.


  1. The most popular sport people bet on – football
  2. Football sports betting in Cameroon
  3. Where can I bet on football?
  4. Conclusion

The most popular sport people bet on – football

Football is the most popular sport people bet on in Cameroon. Online or traditional, the sports betting on football is without any doubt the most popular type of betting.

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Football is a sport that implies two teams. Each team tries to score the most points in the adversaries’ gates. This sport is characterised by:

There are many football leagues, among which:

Each of these ligues is equally important for the development of football in the whole world, but in Cameroon separately.

Football sports betting in Cameroon

In what concerns sports betting on football, there are a lot of available markets. Even if you are a beginner in what concerns the sports betting (online or traditional), or if you are an avid player, you have to know the available markets. For example, there are live and pre match bets. Each of them is equally entertaining. However, with live sports betting, things change. That’s because this type of betting brings more adrenaline.


Moreover, you can bet on:

Where can I bet on football?

You can bet on football in a traditional sports betting place. However, the majority of people choose to bet online. Online sports betting is more and more popular and you can have fun with it. There are a lot of online sportsbooks where you can test your luck. Betmomo Cameroon is one of these sports houses where you can have fun with this sport.

If you choose Betmomo, you can simply get a welcome bonus, which is not available for offline sportsbooks. It is about a bonus of up to 100% of your first deposit. This way, you can bet even more.

With Betmomo, you can:

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As you can see, with Betmomo you have a lot of options in what concerns your sports betting experience. If you want to bet on other sports, that is equally possible at Betmomo Cameroon.


In conclusion, football is the most popular sport on which people bet online and offline. It is possible to bet on different markets of football and to bet live (and watch the match) or before the match. Both options are fun. And in the case that you were wondering where you can bet on this sport, Betmomo is your solution. Bet now with ease on Betmomo. Welcome bonus available upon your registration. Start!

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