Sports betting - games and theory

Sports betting is a great way of having fun online. There, the strategy, the fun and the probability intersect. It is about numbers and human interaction, and the success often depends of an unsafe environment. In this guide, we're going to analyse the theory of sports betting and we're going to explain to you how that works.


  1. Introduction
  2. Strategies to optimise your winning chances
  3. The theory of live bets
  4. Conclusion



In the world of sports betting, chance is essential. However, there are strategies that can help you increase your success rate. We are going to explain the theory in what concerns sports betting. Moreover, we’re going to see multiple strategies that can help you take better decisions. In the sports betting context, the game theory helps its users take decisions based on the actions and reactions of the game and of the bookmakers. Start now with Betmomo!

Efficient strategies to optimise your winning chances

The sports betting strategies can increase your winning chances. However, there are multiple strategies that can help you. In the following lines, we’re going to present to you all the strategies that you need. Moreover, if you use these strategies, your chances of betting correctly increase.

  1. Comparison – when you use this strategy, you must make an odds comparison. This includes to analyse the odds of other sportsbooks and find the odds you need. The sportsbooks offer different odds. By making a comparison between the best odds from the best bookmakers, you increase your chances to win at sports betting.
  2. Contradiction bets – the perception of the majority can influence the odds. The contradiction bets can be a very useful strategy. For example, you can bet in contradiction with the public. This strategy is frequently used by players who have experience.
  3. The management of one’s bankroll – by applying a very good management when it comes to online sports betting, you avoid big loses. Don’t spend too much and be disciplined. Moreover, working at your risk tolerance may help you.

Live sports betting theory


When it comes to live sports betting, identifying the situations where the odds are against you is important. That can be based on the number of injured players, their historical performance and the game’s dynamics. The theory and the strategies we have already presented also apply in what concerns this type of sports betting. Moreover, with live sports betting, you can follow the dynamics of a game by using a mobile app.

Avec les paris en direct, vos chances de gagner augmentent, si vous suivez la théorie que nous avons présentée. Simplement suivez les matchs et faites des prédictions en voyant la dynamique du jeu.


To conclude, we can say that sports betting are an ever-developing domain that is always changing and its theory is an important aspect. In what concerns the strategies and the concepts above presented, you can increase your chances of winning big. However, remember that even by using the best strategies, you don’t have the guarantee to win. It is equally important to choose a good sportsbook, with a good promo code for you and a welcome bonus. Start now!

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